WORKOUTWhat do you think burns more calories, running thirty minutes on a treadmill watching CNN or running thirty seconds for your life being chased by a bear? Adrenaline is the wonder drug. It keeps you young, makes you strong and sharpens your mind. Add incinerates body fat, improves cardiovascular function and naturally increases growth hormone and you can see the advantages of high stress training.          

Your workout won’t involve wild animals, but it will involve you being better than someone else, even if that someone else was you two days earlier. Competition is like a fire and adrenaline is the lighter fluid. Whether you’re doing five more pushups than the guy next to you or five more than you did yesterday, the goal is still the same – never stop getting better. We’ll push you to your limit but never over it. We’ll get you to do what no treadmill ever could – we’ll get you to believe in yourself.

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