Most people think that boxing is about two guys trying to separate each other from their senses, which is one reason why most people don't take up boxing. Throw in black eyes and broken noses and it's not too hard to see why more people aren't doing it.  To me, boxing is alchemy. It's turning lead into gold, cowardice into courage and fear into faith. All men may be created equal, they're just not born that way. Character is destiny. Boxing is the belief that you can shape your destiny with your own two fists. If boxing were a religion, then Trinity would be my church. I want it to be your church too. You don't have to be strong, athletic or brave  to box. You'll become strong, athletic and brave because you box. Boxing was invented for the underdog. It's a way for smaller guys to beat bigger guys. It's brains over brawn - David vs. Goliath, Colonists vs. Redcoats, Rocky vs. Apollo, You vs The World. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. It's your story, it's my story and it's the American Story.​ Training like a professional fighter doesn't mean training to be one, just like playing football doesn't mean you have to do it in the NFL. We offer you the Two Hand Touch version of boxing - you won't have to give up your day job or your front teeth to do it. There's a lot of boxing purists who believe you have to break your nose before you can call yourself a fighter. I'm not one of them. We'll teach you how to think, move and perform like a professional fighter, both in the ring and out. For us, the training doesn't start when you walk in the gym, it starts when you walk out.

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