CLARKBoxing has a lot in common with acting. Is fighting natural? Of course. The instinct to react when threatened didn’t come with an instruction manual. What isn’t natural is doing it in front of an audience. The same thing goes for acting. Is it natural? You bet. Everybody does it, every day. They’re just not doing it with a camera in their face.

It’s not whether or not you can act or fight, the question is can you do it under pressure? Are you confident? You tell me. Are you competent? I’ll tell you. If I’m paying to see you perform then it’s my opinion that counts.

Walking into a ring is like walking onto a stage. How you walk on plays a big part in how you’ll walk off – either a hero or goat. Training like a professional fighter changes the way the way you look, think and move – your auditions get easier, your performances get better, your roles get bigger.

We developed a technique for boxers that we use with actors, singers and anyone else who makes a living in front of a crowd. It’s easy to learn, hard to forget and will dramatically improve your ability to perform.